Data Verification / Sharing Feature

DirectorySpot now allows a school to turn on the "Data Sharing" Feature which allows users to decide if they want to "share" their directory information with other users or "hide" it.   If you enable this feature, then the default will be to hide ALL entries until each user goes in and clicks "share."

1.  Enable "Edit your own data" - Go to Manage Users / Grant Edit Access and follow the instructions.    Or see help desk article for more details on how to do this.   This will enable your users to make changes to their record.

2. Enable Data Sharing - Go to Manage Directory / Settings and check the box.  Click Save.



3.  You will get a message that your settings have been updated.   Now ALL records are HIDDEN for your users (unless they have Manage Data security).  


4.  The users will now need to go in and "share" their record.   As a user, log in and go to Directory/Family Search.   Find your own record and double click to get the edit screens.   Here they can click "Share Data" to make their record visible.  Or they can make edits and then click "Share Data."    All data is either hidden or shared.   







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