Import your data

There are 2 steps to importing your data.   First you import your contacts and then when you are ready to launch, you can import the users (those that you want to have access).

You can import your data from any excel spreadsheet with one row per contact.   If you use our template, then it will be extra easy.   Download our Template

Go to Manage Data / Import Data and follow the screens.   You will be able to upload a file, and then match your columns to the DirectorySpot fields.   You can add multiple "groups" to your contacts by just putting them in the group column separated by commas.

Customize Email/Phone/Address Labels:

If you want to customize the email/mobile phone/address labels, then you need set that up in your directory before you import the data.   This is really helpful for directories that have "family" type entries and you want to create "His Cell" or "Her Cell" etc.   Go to Manage Directory / Customize Labels.   You can add new labels and delete any labels that you do not need.   If you want to change a label, just delete it with the red x and then create a new one.   When you go through the import process, all of the fields in the Existing Labels will show up as choices to match to your columns.




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