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Once all of your data has been loaded into your directory and everything looks good, the final step is to add your users.

1.  Go to Manage Users / Import Users and upload a spreadsheet of all the names/emails of those that you want to have access.  You do not have to include the names, but it will make it much easier for you to find a "user" into the future if needed.

2.  After you import the file, you will see the screen below.  Choose the correct tab if your sheet has more than one.   Select to replace all users or just to "add" to the current list of users.   If someone was a user last year and also on your list as a user this year, the import will just skip them and they will continue to have access. If they are not on the list, then their user account will be deleted.

We highly recommend that you choose the option to send the automated emails (with instructions and a link to set their password).  The email will only go out to NEW users.   As soon as you import the users, the email will go out.    


3.  Click "Next Step" and match your columns to the DirectorySpot fields.   "Full Name" is only used if you have first and last names in the same column.

Screenshot_at_Sep_25_16-15-08.png4.  Click "Check for Errors."   If the only errors are blank email addresses, then it will just skip those entries. The next screen will show you which users will be added and which users will be deleted.   It is a good idea to glance through it to make sure that looks correct to you.   Again, those that were users last year and on the list for this year will not show up.    

Click "Import Users."   The emails will go out as soon as you click it.   You can always check your list of users by going to Manage Users / Edit Users and search.


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