Sample Email if you are using Data Sharing/Verification

If you have followed all the steps and imported users/sent the automated, emails, granted edit access to your users and turned on data sharing, then you can send this email to all users.



We have launched DirectorySpot and you should have received an automated email with download and password setting instructions.   All family data is currently hidden until a parent logs in and verifies the data (and makes any changes) and then clicks the button to "share data."

1. Log into DirectorySpot on the web version.   Go to and click Login in the upper right.  

2. Enter your email as the username and your DirectorySpot password.

3. You should be directed to your family record.   If not, go to Directory/Family Search.   Find your own record and double click to get the edit screens.  You can review the data, make and edits or deletions and click "save."    Once finished, click "save."   Then to make your record available for others in your directory to see, click the green "Share Data" button.

All data is either hidden or shared.   




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