2018-2019 School Transition Process


2018-2019 Transition Process


You will find everything here you need to know about how to transition easily to the 2018-2019 school year.  Good news - prices are staying the same!

1. Uploading NEW Data (same as last year)
 - When you are ready with your data for next year, go to Manage Directory/Import Data. Data Import Instructions

Most customers reload the data each year from a new file as the grades and teacher assignments change.  If you want to start with the current data in DirectorySpot, you can download it to excel (Manage Directory/Export Data and choose DirectorySpot template).  Delete the graduating students, add the incoming and then change all the grades and teacher assignments as well as new teacher information.  Once it is all updated, then it can be uploaded back to DirectorySpot.  Remember that you also need to import your "users" by going to Manage Users / Import Users.   If you are loading the entire user list, make sure to choose the option to "replace all existing users," and we highly recommend to send out the automated email with instructions (which will only go to new users).

2. Users (same as last year) - For your users that had access to DirectorySpot last year, the transition will be seamless, they will automatically see the new data the next time they log in.  For users that have "graduated," and are not on your list of imported users, they will no longer see your data.  For NEW users, they will receive the automated email and will need to download the app and set their passwords.   If you want to send out your own announcement email (once the new data is loaded), here is a sample transition email to send out to your users. Sample Email

3. 2017-2018 Data - If you would like to save a copy of last year's data, please go to Family Search and click "Download PDF" and then save it to your computer in case anyone wants a copy.  If you have admin access, you might also want to download the data to a spreadsheet. Once you have uploaded the new data, last year's data will be overwritten.

4. Payments (same as last year) - You now manage your subscription and make payments online.  We will not be sending out invoices.  School subscriptions expire on 9/15/18, so you can make the payment (by check or credit card) at any time before that date and the new expiration date will be 9/15/19.   Just go to Manage Directory/Subscription. If the timing is a problem for your school, just let us know. Payment Instructions
5. Key Contact(s) - If you are not the key contact anymore, please let us know who is and we will update our records.
  1. Opt out ability on emails for parents.
  2. Import improvements allowing additional data formats.
  3. Ability to turn off PDF's for your directory.   Go to Manage Directory / Settings.
  4. Data Verification - Parents are able to verify and confirm their data on the web before it is shared in the directory.  Go to Manage Directory/Settings.
  5. Performance and security enhancements.
  6. Email templates - COMING SOON
  7. Email attachments - COMING SOON 
  8. Report of emails sent - COMING SOON
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