I am ready purchase DirectorySpot for my school - what are the next steps?


  1. Go to and sign up to "Purchase.”   Choose the School version and load demo data (it will be replaced when you add your real data). 
  2. Go to Manage Directory/ Logo and Colors.   Upload your logo and choose your color for the app.
  3. Obtain a spreadsheet of student and family data as well as the teacher/staff information from your school office. Import your data (Manage Data / Import Data) - Data Import Help Info.  
  4. If wanted, add a few friends as users to test it out.   Manage Users / Add User.
  5. Once you are happy with everything, you can launch the directory by adding all of the users.   Create a spreadsheet of names and emails of everyone you want to have access (parents and teachers). Go to Manage Users / Import Users and upload the user spreadsheet. Make sure to check the box that says, “Send automated emails.”
  6. Our helpdesk has all of information you will need including the admin guide, sample communications and FAQs. You can access it here -
  7. Payment - before you directory expires, go to Manage Directory / Subscription and pay for the directory by credit card or check.   
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