Allow parents/contacts to edit their own data

Parents are only able to edit their own data when their user account is linked to the family entry.  This is typically done upon importing the users by matching the email contained within the family record to the username that is used to log in to DirectorySpot.  If a parent however chooses not to share their email as part of the directory, but still wants to be able to edit their own data, this can easily be done by adding the user at the bottom of the family record.  Simply click on the family that you want the user to be able to edit, select the user from the dropdown, click on "Grant Access", and then click "Save".  

1.  Click on the family that the user should be able to edit.
2.  Select the user from the dropdown.

3.  Click on "Grant Access".

4.  Click "Save"

To remove the user from being able to edit the family, simply click on "Remove Access" and then click "Save".

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