Data Import Process-3 Steps (Family, Teachers, Users)

1.  Get your data into into excel (using our template will make it very easy, but not necessary). 

2.  Go to Manage Directory/Import Data.   The import is done in 3 steps - Families, Teachers, and then Users.   This is the usual order but you can upload in any order.

Click Choose File and select your excel file from your computer, then click Next Step.

3.  Make selections.   Note you can choose to replace all data OR just add to the data.  Click Next Step.

4.  Match columns from your excel sheet to the DirectorySpot fields on the next screen.   Click Check for Errors.  If the errors can be ignored, click Import Data.   If not, go back and fix the errors and re-load the excel.  View directory to see data.

5.  Repeat similar process to load Teachers and Users, clicking on the top tabs.   If users are currently set up as users, and you load them again, they will NOT need to reset their passwords.

You can now load additional data or replace all data whenever you need to.   We highly recommend choosing "Send Emails" as that will make it very easy for your new users to get set up.



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