Notifications are used to send a quick message to your entire directory or to a specific class or group within your directory.   The notification message appears on the phone (like a text message) and then is stored in the Notification Center.  The user will not be charged for a text message.

If you want to use Notifications, you need to give the security profile of "Message Entire Directory" or "Message Groups" to the person who will be authorized to send messages.    This is the same as the emailing security profile.   

1.  To enable someone to send a Notification:  Go to Manage Users / Edit User, search for the user and then click on the user.   Click the boxes for Email Entire Directory and/or Email Groups to enable sending Notifications to the Directory and/or to a class/group.


2.  To send a Notification:  Log onto the web and click on Send Message.

Select "Notification" from the dropdown

Select the recipients from the dropdown (and all or none, and use the checkmarks).

Click "Compose Message," type in your message and then click "send message."




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