Add a Family

1.  Go to Directory and click "Add Family."

NOTE - The Family Last name should be the student's last name.    If a parent has a different last name, that is OK, and is entered on the next screen.

2.  After you click, Add Family, you will see the Family Details Screen:

3.  Add Students:

Takes you to this screen to enter Student Info.   Each time you add a student, you will have a chance to enter additional siblings.


  1. The app will try to put students with the same last name and same address into one family.
  2. If you notice that children are showing up in separate families, check the guardian names and home address to make sure there are no errors.   It is usually because on child had an error in the address or spelled a parent name incorrectly.
  3. If a parent has a different last name than the child, please enter it correctly under Guardian and it will show in the app.
  4. If a child resides at more than one residence and/or has additional sets of parents, you can enter the child under each family or you can use the notes section to include the other residence.

Feel free to add “Notes” at the bottom.   Email addresses, phone numbers and website URL’s will automatically hyper-link when viewed on the app.


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