Search for a User / Security Profiles

Go to Manage Users / Search for User.  You can enter the email address OR the first name OR the last name to search.    To see ALL users, just leave the boxes blank and then click "Search."

Click "Search."

Regular users should have "Read" access only.   

Make sure to click "Save"


Read - Basic read only access to the phone app and the web directory.

Manage Data - Can add/change/delete data in the Directory - for Admins only.

Manage Users - Can add/change/delete Users - for Admins only.

Email Entire Directory - Can send email to the entire directory on web (or phone if less than 100 entries).

Email Groups - Can send email to a class on phone or web.   For teachers and room parents, etc.   This profile enables the user to send an email to any of the classes.



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