User Import-How to Launch the Directory

One of the most important things to understand as the admin of your school is that the data and the user account are kept separate.  This is for many reasons.  First, this allows users who don't want to share their email address within the directory to access to the directory.  This also allows users that have access to multiple schools or groups on DirectorySpot to use the same account to access every directory to which they have access to.  

To import your users, go to "Manage Users" and click on "Import Users".  You'll then choose the file that you want to import from.  You can either upload a new file or you can use the same file that you previously uploaded for your data import.  If you want everyone in your directory to have access, then choose Option 2 and follow the prompts.


If using a spreadsheet, you'll need to pick the tab that contains the users you want to import.  You also have a couple of options.  First, you can choose to just add these users in addition to any existing users or you can choose to delete any users that aren't in the data.  If you choose to delete users, any user that isn't in the list of users you are importing now will no longer have access to your directory, so only choose this option if you are sure your file contains a full list of users.  Next, you have the option to send an automated email to all of your users for setting up their accounts.  We highly recommend you choose this option as this is the best way for users to get notified.  If you choose not to send the automated email, you can use our email option later to send your users an email.

The last step is to match your columns to DirectorySpot columns.  If you've used our template, this is done automatically.  Click on "Check for Errors".

Our import looks for issues with your data sheet and will show you any errors associated with your import and also show you all of your users who will be added and/or removed depending on your choices from Step 2.  If you're comfortable with the changes, click on "Import Users".

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