Add a New User

Users are those who have access to your Directory.    They may or may not be included in your Directory information,    For example, you may add the Superintendent of your school district as a user, but he or she is not actually displayed in the Directory.   You may also have people in your directory that are not users.    For example, you list all students and parents in your directory, but only give access to those who join the PTA.

The DirectorySpot team typically loads your data at the beginning of the school year.   From then on, you may add users as needed throughout the year.

1.  To add a new user, go to Manage Users / Add User.   Enter email address, first and last name and click "Add User."

Note - when YOU add a user, the system sends an automated email to the user with the download and password setting instructions.    When the DirectorySpot team adds all of your users during the initial upload, NO email goes out unless you specify for us to send it.

Users with access to multiple directories - Please make sure they have used the same email address at both schools so they both schools with one login.


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