Customize the Tabs

On the school version, you have always been able to customize the "teacher" tab. Now you can also change the name of the calendar and sponsor tab to whatever you want (on both the school and the group version). This gives our customers increased flexibility to use these tabs to meet unique directory needs. You can test it out now if you have the "Manage Directory" security profile.


Teacher Tab (school version only) can be changed to "Staff" or "Teachers & Staff" or "Faculty", or "Staff & PTA" etc.
Calendar Tab can be changed to "District Calendar" or "PTA Officers" or anything you want. It is basically one link to a website that will be launched when you click on that tab.
Sponsor Tab can be used for sponsors or can be changed to "PTA Events" or "Gold Sponsors" or "Conference Schools" and then you can have as many entries as you want, each one with a name, and an image and a link to a website.

To customize the tab, just go to Manage Directory / Mobile Tabs. Enter the new tab names in the boxes and click Save. This is the same on both the school and the group version.


Please note that you can also change the entire directory listing to sort by Students or by Family.  Sorting by student enables search by first and last name on the phone.

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