Allow Users to Edit Their Own Information

DirectorySpot allows parents to edit their own information by "linking" their user account to their family record.  This can be done in two ways.  

If you are only trying to match up a single user with a family, simply click on the family that you want the user to be able to edit, select the user from the dropdown, click on "Grant Access", and then click "Save".  

1.  Click on the family that the user should be able to edit.
2.  Select the user from the dropdown.

3.  Click on "Grant Access".

4.  Click "Save"

To remove the user from being able to edit the family, simply click on "Remove Access" and then click "Save".

Update All Families at Once

If you want to do this for all of the families in your directory, then you can run a one-time batch to hook up any user account that has the same email address as a parent or guardian in the family record.  To do the batch, following these steps:

  1. Click on "Grant Edit Access" under the "Manage Users" menu item.  
  2. Click on "Find Matches" and it will search for any matching email address for all of the users and parents.
  3. You will then be shown the results of the search.  If you want those users to have access, simply click on "Grant Access to Matches".  If you don't want to save those changes, click on "Cancel".

If you want to remove access to all of your users, simply click on "Remove Edit Access" and click "OK" on the confirmation button and none of your users will be able to edit their own information going forward.

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