Send Emails - From the Web

You have to have the security profile for "Email Groups" or "Email Directory" to do this.  You can send emails from the web or from your phone.  

1.  On the web, go to Send Message.   Select Email from the top dropdown.


2.  There are many options for selecting recipients - All Guardians (parents) and Teachers, All Users Not Logged In, All Guardians (Parents), All Teachers, All Users, a specific class (select the teacher), or a specific grade (select the grade).   


3.  Click "Compose Message."


4.  The message will come from your User Name using DirectorySpot.   The email will bcc the recipients so there is no reply all option.   You can edit the "Reply To:" field in case you want any replies to go to a different email.   You can choose to send yourself a copy in case you are not actually on the recipient list.   

Enter a subject line and the text of the email.   You can use the text editing bar to add bold, colors, etc.   You cannot add attachments, however you can store documents on a website and then you can add a link to that document.

5. Click "Send Message."

6.  Attachments - If you would like to add an attachment to your email, just click the paperclip symbol on the far right.  

Attachments can be up to 5 MB each.   If larger, then you will get a red warning message.   You can attach several attachments to one email.   Attachments will be saved as long as your directory is active.   If you want to delete an attachment, just click the red X to the right of the attachment.





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